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Tips and tricks for making roses last longer

A few simple tricks can make your cut roses last up to 2 weeks... instead of 2 days.  Of course, how the roses were handled before you bought them counts for a lot; but let's look at some simple steps you can take!


  1. Cut the stems under water
    The cut end of the stem slowly seals up after being cut from the plant. TeleFlora tells us "Typically, flowers are shipped dry, so in order for them to sufficiently rehydrate, you must cut the stems again." You may know to make a fresh cut, but this cut must be made while the stem is underwater, to avoid the plant sucking in some air when the cut is made, which then blocks water from moving up the stem. Cutting under water may extend the life of your blossoms by as much as 18 to 32 percent, according to ProFlowers, citing John W. Kelley of the Clemson University Department of Horticulture. Cut each stem on a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area, allowing the flowers to absorb more water.
  2. Change the water daily
    If the roses go dry, even briefly, their longevity will be dramaticaly reduced
  3. Use sugar or silver nitrate in the water
    The International Journal Of Agriculture & Biology, Shahid Javed Butt of the Hill Fruits Research Station found that a sucrose solution (25 grams of common table sugar per liter of water, or about 2 tabklespoons in 1 quart ) extended the life of the roses by 2.5 days compared to roses in distilled water. Using a silver nitrate solution (150 ppm) for 24 hours was even more effective, providing 3.7 days before wilting. Both are compared to untreated roses. Silver nitrat is a preservative, and also poisonous, so not to be kept around children or handled carelessly!.
  4. Keep the roses cool
    Obviously above freezing, but they'll last a lot longer at 45 F than at 80 F! And keep them away from heat sources, l;ike the mantel of a fireplace or in the sun
  5. Buy roses a few days before the 14th.
    Roses tend to last between five and seven days, and even a bit longer with a trick or two, like adding a little sugar to the vase water.


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